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Wake County is my home. I grew up here. I appreciate all that it has to offer and all of its potential. Our people are proud and hard-working, with big hearts and open minds. Now is the time to renew our commitment to keep Wake County moving forward. Local government must enable all of our residents to have access to the opportunities to thrive. 

Jeremiah's Message

Today, having felt a sense of duty and call to serve the people of Wake County and the Great State of North Carolina, I have filed to run for the Democratic nomination for District 1 on the Wake County Board of Commissioners. I want to represent the hard-working residents, proud families, and children who are our future, in this Wake County district. I am a small business owner, and my wife, Kristi, is a second-grade public school teacher here in Wake County. We are the parents of 3 wonderful children ages 8, 6, and 1, and I am intensely proud that both of our school-age children attend public schools in Wake County.

As a small business owner, and someone who must meet a payroll every week, I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility, prioritization, and focus. I will use my experience to ensure that Wake County is kept on a sound financial footing and to responsibly manage taxpayer money so that we can best support our county’s highest priorities.  

The future prosperity of Wake County depends on our reputation for providing outstanding public education to all children. Therefore, if elected, I will give public schools in Wake County the highest priority in our county budget. First and foremost, I vow to support local efforts to move Wake County back up to the national average in teacher salaries and per-pupil spending and to provide our public schools with the money and resources that are needed to maintain the state’s largest school system on the cutting edge.

Wake County is fortunate to be one of the fastest-growing counties in the country.  And along with that growth, come new challenges that must be well managed.  If elected, I will focus on developing infrastructure to support growth, meeting the needs for county services, and continuing to recruit world-class companies with high wage jobs.  In these ways, we will continue to build Wake County’s diverse and talented workforce.  Wake County has a terrific brand, and as a County Commissioner, I will support county efforts to further improve, and capitalize, on that reputation.

Wake County has been my home for all of my life, and I appreciate all that it has to offer and all of its potential. Our people are proud and hard-working, with big hearts and open minds.  Now is the time to renew our commitment to keeping Wake County moving forward; we can and should outpace our similarly sized communities across the nation. Good local government must ultimately enable all of its citizens to prosper, and I will commit myself to that goal.  

We can and must do more for our citizens and our community, and if you elect me to the Wake County Board of Commissioners, I will commit to being your voice.  I vow to deliver hard work instead of hot air. I will make common-sense decisions that place people over politics, and economic development over egos. My goal in public service is to serve and build our community while remaining mindful of our duty to help the last, the least, and the left out.  

I welcome and would appreciate your support of my candidacy for District 1 on the Wake County Commission, and I look forward to the opportunity to earn your vote and serve.

Jeremiah Pierce


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